Installation ease and an engineering revolution meets unparalleled design and strength! Scott Systems’ patented “Infinity Brackets” are now available in three sizes: 10”, 16” and 22”. Manufactured in 12-gauge steel with a rating of over 750 lbs. per bracket, the “C-Clamp” design using 1 5/16 zinc lag screws utilizes advantageous SIDE MOUNTING to wood or metal studs to create a sleek “free-floating” style with industrial strength support to any countertop,

Adjustable to your environment: The Post-Rack is a cantilever bracket that has a variable “grip” that fits upright posts from 3.25” to 6.25” wide, this accommodates 3-Ply, 4-Ply, and 6”x 6” posts. Shelving is built from standard 2” x 12” and 2” x 4” lumber, or 2″ x 6″ ripped to 4.5″ and 1/2″ plywood/ OSB or materials that are  — on-site to match width of openings between upright posts.